* = ADDED AT OR SINCE OUR LAST REUNION                                                                                                      LAST UPDATE:  01/17/2020


JAMES P ADAMS                        GOLD                                          LCDR (ENGINEER)                     80'S                                PASSED  IN JAN-2016

KEVIN  M  ALLEN                           GOLD                                          IC                                                   1964-67                          COMM. CREW

WILLIAM  AMENT                        GOLD                                          MMC(SS)                                      1972-77

CHRIS ANDERSON                         BLUE                                           NUKE ELECTR.                            1979-?                           PASSED AWAY 2010

ROBERT ARCHER                           GOLD                                          LT, WEAPONS DEPT                    1985-86                        PASSED AWAY 6/2009                      

STEPHEN J ASHER                                                                                                                                       MID 60'S                       PASSED AWAY MARCH, 2014

WILLIAM AUSTIN                          GOLD                                          RMCM                                           1976-79

DEAN  BARNES                               GOLD                                          YEOMAN                                                                              COMM. CREW

ROBERT  W  BARNES                     BLUE                                           MC(SS), LCDR                              1981-85                           ENGINEERING

DEAN  BARNEY                               GOLD                                         CH. OF THE BOAT                       1972-73

TERRY BARNICKLE                        BLUE                                          NAVET                                          LATE EIGHTIES          PASSED AWAY 2008

JOHN  BART                                     BLUE                                           REACTOR OPER. 

CALVIN B BARTLETT                 GOLD                                          NAVET                                         COMM CREW              PASSED AWAY 11-15-1994                                                        

DARRYL  BATES                              GOLD                                         WEAPS OFFICER                                                             PASSED AWAY 6/14/2010

KENNETH BATLA                          BLUE                                                                                                  LATE 60'S                   PASSED AWAY APRIL 1990

MIKE  BEAN                                     BLUE                                          MM1                                               1990-92                       DECOM CREW

COLE BECKHAM                            BLUE & GOLD                           NAVIGATION DEPT                      1966-67                    PASSE AWAY  3/7/2013

KEN BENTON                                 GOLD (COMM. CREW)            FTB1                                              1965-67                        PASSED AWAY FEB 2011

BOB BERENDT                                                                                     MS3/SS                                          1977-79                      PASSED AWAY AUG. 2011

RICHARD L BEST                            BLUE                                           RC  DIV                                         1974-77                        P A   APRIL 2011

STANLEY BICE                               GOLD                                         A GANG, MM1                              1976-83                        P.A.     7/21/12

WILLIAM  S. BOBROWSKI*                                                                                                                                                           PASSED AWAY 10/18/19

JACKIE LEE  BOGER                    BLUE                                           TM2(SS)                                        1982-85                        PASSED AWAY FEB 2, 1987

PETER A BOYLE                           BLUE                                           MM  ( A- GANG)                          1974=76                      PASSED AWAY 2/7/19

GARY F BROWN                           BLUE                                           MTCM/FTCS(SS)                         1981-85                       PASSED 2/22/2017

JAMES BOWEN                              GOLD                                         QMC (SS)                                        GOLD 76-79                P A  OCT. 2011

DON  BRIGGS                                  BLUE/GOLD                                X.O.                                               1966-69

SHAWN  BURDEN                           GOLD                                          DECK DIV                                       1985-86

GARY BURRELL                             BLUE                                           RMC(SS)                                         1977-83                         PASSED AWAY 12/29/16

DON  BURRIS                                                                                       SONARMAN                                   1969-73

RICHARD  BUSQUE                        BLUE                                           DECK DIVISION                             1967-68

LEON  BUTLER                                GOLD                                          FOOD SERVICE                                                                     COMM. CREW

JOHN "PETE" CADY                     GOLD                                       COMMANDING OFFICER            1966-68                        PASSED  AWAY 3/11

ARLINGTON F CAMPBELL         GOLD                                       LT.  ENGINEERING                        1967-69                     PASSED AWAY 27 JAN, 2009 

JEROME CAPLAN                         BLUE                                          NUC  ET                                            1964-68                     PASSED AWAY 3/30/2018   

ORMEL  CARR                                                                                      CH. OF THE BOAT                         1965-66                        COMM. CREW

WILLIAM H CARSON                  GOLD                                           C.O.                                                 1981-82                       PASSED AWAY 11/9/17

MANNY CHAVEZ                            BLUE                                          MSCM C.O.B.                                   1980-82                      PASSED AWAY  10/23/18 

TOMMY D. CHERRY                     GOLD                                          STS1                                                   1982-86                   PASSED AWAY MARCH 2018                                                                

LONNIE  COATS                             BLUE& GOLD                            CHIEF RADIOMAN                        1969-74                        BLUE & GOLD

JIM  CONDON                                BLUE/GOLD                               ET1, RC DIV                                       1967-73                      PASSED AWAY 2/25/2016

HUBERT "COUNTRY" COLEMAN      GOLD,COMM                  QUARTERMASTER                        1965-?                          PASSED AWAY NOV. 1984

WILLIAM B COOK                             BLUE                                          EMCS/SS                                          1982-86                      PASSED AWAY 2/2009

BILL COUGHLIN                                 ?                                                                                                                                                PASSED AWAY 1/26/2016

JOHN  CROUSE                               SUPPORTED BOTH                   NUKE MMC(SS)                              ST, MARYS MUSEUM MNGR

AL  CROWD                                     GOLD                                          ET                                                     1970-74

DAN CURRAN                                 GOLD                                          WEAPONS OFFICER                     1968-69                         PASSED IN MAY '10

FLOYD CZAJA                              BLUE                                             NAVET, ET2                                     1981-85                         PASSED AWAY OCTOBER 2016  

ROBERT  DARRIGO                         GOLD                                         ELECTRICIAN'S MATE                  1985-86

HORACE DAVIS                              BLUE                                           COMMISARY                                 1967-74                          P A  2/2008

CRAIG DAVIS                                  BLUE                                           MT 3                                                   MID 70'S                      PASSED IN 3/2011

JOE DAVIS                                        BLUE                                          MM IN M DIV

THERON L.DAVIS                           GOLD                                         LCMDR, ENGINEERING               1972-75                          PASSED AWAY 6/6/14

WENDAL DAVIS                              BLUE                                          FTCS                                                1977-79                          PASSED IN 1996 

BRIAN DEAN                                  GOLD                                         TM3 SS                                            SEPT. 1993                     PASSED AWAY 6 DECEMBER 2018               

RICK  DELAY                                   GOLD                                          SONAR TECH                                 1982-85

JIM DEMOREST                            BLUE                                           SONARMAN                                     1066-69                      PASSED AWAY 10/9/2017

ROBERT DESCHAINE                    BLUE                                           TMCM(SS)                                        EARLY 70's               PASSED AWAY 2015

LIONEL  DESPRES                           BLUE                                          CHIEF FTB                                       1965-?                            COMM. CREW

WESLEY DIETZ*                              GOLD                                          FTBC=SS                                          1965-69                         PASSED AWAY 6/23/2019

WALTER M  DOUGLAS               GOLD & BLUE                        COMMANDING OFFICER           1966-68                      COMM. CREW

J B EDMUNDS                                  GOLD                                          FOOD SERVICE                                                                   COMM. CREW

GLENN EDRINGTON                      BLUE                                          FCCS (SS)                                        1982-84                          P.A. 9-26-12

SKIP ELTRINGHAM                       BLUE                                           FTB1(SS)                                           1969-73                      PASSED AWAY JAN. 2014   

MIKE R. EVANS                                                                                                                                             MID  70'S                     PASSED AWAY 7/16/2008

EDDIE  EVERETT                             GOLD                                          CHIEF TORPEDOMAN                  1965-?                         COMM. CREW

CHUCK EWING                               GOLD                                          SONAR  COMM CREW                 1965-68                       PASSED AWAY 6/2011

FRANK FAIRCHILD*                    BLUE                                            MMC/SS                                            1977-79                      PASSED AWAY 24 AUGUST 2019

EDWARD FAXLANGER              GOLD                                                                                                      1987-90                       PASSED AWAY 12/29/2015

AL  FERRIS                                       BLUE                                           CHIEF RADIOMAN                                                           COMM. CREW

MIKE FLAMMIA                              BLUE                                           COMM CREW COOK                  1964-68                      PASSED AWAY 5/15/19

PATRICK  FOSTER                          BLUE                                            ETC(SS)                                          1965-66                       COMM. CREW

EDWARD "MICK" FRARY           GOLD                                       CHIEF MISSLE TECH                    1965-67                      COMM. CREW

JIM FRENCH                                    GOLD                                           MMCM                                            1970'S

JOHN A FREW                               BLUE  PLANKOWNER              IC/RC DIV OFFICER                       1965-67                   P. A. 6-16-12

ROGER  FRY                                     BOTH                                           ETN2)SS)                                        1972-74  

DANIEL H. FURLAN                      GOLD                                         ETCS/SS                                            1985-90                       P.A. NOV. 2011 

CRAIG GALLOWAY                        GOLD                                           A -  GANG                                      1973-76                        P.A. FEB. 2008

BILLY W GARRISON                   BLUE                                              ELECTRICIAN                               1968-69                       PASSED AWAY 10/11/18

JIM GAUTHIER                               GOLD                                           TMC(SS)                                         74-79                             P[ASASED AWAY 4/13/2018        

BRUCE  GEHRING                           BLUE                                            ELECTRICIAN                                1968-70                                             

JOE "TACO JOE"  GEMMA              BLUE                                           STC                                                  1973-79

ROBERT RAY GLASSCOCK                                                               ENGINEERING                                                                     P.A.  SEPT. 2010

DON  GODFREY                               GOLD                                          ETC                                                 EARLY 70'S                 PASSED AWAY JAN 2018

ED  GRANT                                       BLUE                                           WEAPONS   OFFICER                                                        COMM. CREW

FLYNOID GREGORY                      BLUE                                         MMCS- LPO                                   1972- 76                       PASSED AWAY AUG 6, 2017

BOB  GRIMM                                    BLUE  (COB)                             FTCM                                              1989-91

TONY GUTIERREZ                           BLUE                                           IC1(SS)                                            1978-82                    PASSED AUG 1999

EDWARD  HAHN                             GOLD                                           FN (SS)                                           1965-67                            PASSED AWAY 2006 

RON HALSCHIED                          GOLD                                           TM2 (SS)                                         72-74                           PASSED AWAY AUG 2015                           

MIKE  HAMBY                               BLUE                                           MM2 A-GANG                                 1976-82                    PASSED AWAY 11/2014          

LARRY HANSBERRY                      GOLD                                           FTBC                                                1972-75                      PASSED ON JULY 5, 2013

GEORGE  HANSEN                          GOLD                                           IC1                                                                                        COMM  CREW

DAMON  HARE                                BLUE                                            MS2                                                1978- 1979                 PASSED AWAY AUGUST 2014            

GERALD HARRINGTON             BLUE                                            FTG1                                               1977-80                      PASSED AWAY NOV 7, 2011

CALVIN  HARRIS                            GOLD                                           EN2(SS)                                          1965-68                       PASSED AWAY 11-14-14

JOHN R HAZEN                               GOLD                                          STS3(SS)                                         1978                            P.A. 7/20/2011

CHARLES J HAUGHNEY            GOLD                                             LT.                                                1968-70                       PASSED AWAY JULY 12, 2015 

DOC  HEMMINGER                      GOLD                                            TM3 SS                                         1966-69                      PASSED AWAY JUNE 3 2018                                   

REX  HURKERT                                BLUE                                           MT3                                                 1981

JOHN  F  HEWITT                            BLUE                                            LCDR                                              1970-74                       NAVOPS

RUSTY HINES                                  BLUE                                            SK2 (SS)                                         1983-85                     PASSWED AWAY  5/9/18

GENE  HOFFMAN                                                                               STS3(SS)                                                                               PASSED AWAY 5/1/2016                                                                         

MANFRED  HOLIK                          BLUE                                            FTB1(SS)                                        1966+

FRED  HOLLENDONNER               BLUE                                            ET1(SS)                                           1965-68                       COMM CREW

DEAN  HORN                                   BLUE                                            CH. TORPEDOMAN                                                        COMM. CREW

LARRY   HOUSE                                                                                    RADIOMAN                                  1972                           PA JUNE 1995

ELDON  IVY                                   BLUE                                             MMCM                                           1969-71                      PASSED AWAY NOV 19, 2016              

DOUGLAS  JAHR                             BLUE                                            ET2                                                  1990-93

DENNIS JANUESHESKE                GOLD                                            IC DIV                                             1981-85                     P A   5/31/12

DAVID  S  JERDEMAN                    GOLD                                           FTG2                                                                                 COMM. CREW

RICHARD F JONES                         GOLD                                            FTB2                                                 1969-74                    PASSED AWAY 2006

RICHARD KAHLER                       BLUE                                            MACHINIST MATE                        1966-69                PASSED AWAY 12/25/2014

WILLIAM L  KATHER                     BLUE                                            CORPSMAN                                                                  COMM. CREW

JOHN  J  KENNEDY                        BLUE/GOLD                                 ET1(SS)                                          1970's                        NAVET

LEON  KING*                                   GOLD  XO                                    CMDR                                            LATE 70'S                PASSED AWAY JUNE 4, 2019

BRUCE  KOHOUT                            GOLD                                          SONARMAN                                 1968-70                      PASSED AWAY 1974

WALTER LABONTE                       BLUE                                           TM2                                                1969-74                   PASSED AWAY 2/23/15

JAMES  LANDRY                             GOLD                                           QMC                                                                                 C.O.B. COMM CREW

PETER  LASSONDE                         GOLD                                           ET1, NAVET                                   1974-78                    PASSED 10 AUG 08

JIM LATHAM                                 BLUE                                             CMDR, ENGINEER                        1975-78                   PASSED AWAY 3/15/16   

TERRY LAWVER                          GOLD                                              MM3 SS                                          1972-75                  PASSED AWAY 11/12/17

THADEOUS LAWHORNE         GOLD                                            FTGC(SS)   COB                LATE 60'S-MID 70'S    PASSED AWAY 1-22-19

HERMAN  LAVAUR                         GOLD                                           MM1 A-GANG                                                              COMM.CREW

LYLE  LEADER                                  GOLD                                          MT3                                               COMM CREW         PASSED ON 9-14-17

SANFORD LEVEY                            BLUE                                         COMMANDING OFFICER          1968-70                   PASSED AWAY APR, 2011

TERRY W. LENTS                             BLUE                                                                                                   1975-78                     PASSED ON 11/08/2012

DENNIS   LEMCKE                          BLUE                                            FTG1(SS)                                                                          PASSED ON MAY 11, 1986

CHRIS LEWIS                                   GOLD                                           SK3                                                  1967-70                    PASSED AWAY AUG 2012 

GENE LIVINGSTON                      BLUE                                            LT. DCA                                        COMM. CREW         PASSED AWAY 7/23/16                

ROBERT  LOEWANTHAL           GOLD                                         COMMANDING  OFFICER          1972-75

STEVE LUCAS                                  GOLD                                           TMC                                                 1972-75                   PASSED AWAY 2008

TED  MANKER JR                            BLUE                                            CHIEF OF THE BOAT                   1967-70

MARK P MACNULTY                     GOLD                                           RADIOMAN                                   1981-85                  PASSED AWAY 3/11

KEITH L MARCHBANKS*           GOLD                                            SUPPLY  ORFFICER                   1984-85                  PASSED AWAY  OCTOBER 24, 2014

CREIGHTON MARSHALL          BLUE                                             TM-LAUNCHER                           1971-73                  PASSED AWAY 12/30/ OFF2016  

DAN  MATSON                                GOLD                                          SONAR TECH                                 1965-70                    PASSED AWAY 10/15/2014

JAMES W. McKINSTER                GOLD                                         COMMANDING OFFICER            1968-71                 PASSED AWAY JULY 2012

WILLIAM McPHERSON                BLUE                                           ELECTRICIAN                                  1969-71                PASSED AWAY 9-21-2015                                            

PATRICK McMAHON                     BLUE                                            MT2(ss)                                               85-88                  PASSED AWAY 6/30/2009

TERRY  McNINCH                           BLUE                                            REACTOR OPERATOR                 1973-75

JOE McCLEARY                             BLUE                                            MT2(SS)                                           1964-69                    PASSED AWAY 8/15/2015

DURWOOD MERRITT                  BLUE                                            FTBC (SS)                                        1971-75                 PASSWED AWAY  2/16/1976

GEORGE A METH                            GOLD                                            ET2  NAV ET                                   1971-75                    PASSED AWAY 3/2/2014

RAY  MILITE                                    GOLD                                           RMC(SS)                                         1975-79                     PASSED AWAY 8/10

DALE  MITTELSTEADT                BLUE                                            STSCS(SS)                                     1979-84

GEORGE "JACK" MLADSI              GOLD                                           NAVOPS                                         MID 60's

JOHN MOODY                                   GOLD                                         ENGINEERING                                1977-80                     PASSED AWAY OCTOBER 2015

JOE MOORE                                       GOLD                                                                                                     LATE 60'S                PASSED AWAY 2011

STAN MOORE                                   BLUE                                          NAV ET                                             1981-??                     PASSED AWAY 11-25-18

BOB MONTORE                              BLUE                                            EMI (SS) E DIV                                1966-69                     PASSED AWAY 6/24/14            

FRANCISCO MORENO JR              BLUE                                            LT. ("RCA" )                                     1988-91                 PASSED AWAY 9/16/12

DAVID   MORTRUD                         BLUE                                            SUPPLY  OFFICER                       1966-67

JOE  MUELLER                                  GOLD                                           MPA,  LT.                                   PLANKOWNER          PASSED AWAY 12/31/18

RON  MULHERON  JR                     GOLD                                           ET                                                                                      COMM. CREW

BOB  NAPIER                                    BLUE                                            STOREKEEPER                              1965-67                    COMM. CREW

GARY  NEVILS                                 BLUE                                            SEAMAN  GANG                          1973-74

JIM NICHOLSON                          BLUE                                            MM1  Nuke                                    1973-76                     PASSED ON 5/14/2017

JEAN  NIDEVER                               GOLD                                           QM3                                                1966-69                     NAVOPS

RAY  NIXON                                                                                                                                                                                       PASSED AWAY 1-18-15

JOEL  NOBLE                                 BLUE                                            MEDICAL  OFF.                          Comm Crew

BRIAN OBRIEN                             GOLD                                            M DIVISION                                   72-75                       PASSED AWAY  2/21/19

A.P.OLZEWSKI                                GOLD                                           FTBC                                               1965-68                    COMM.CREW

ROBERT  OMALIA                       BLUE                                            COMMANDING OFFICER           1970-74

DON    O'NEIL                                  BLUE                                            QUARTERMASTER                                                      PASSED AWAY 2/2004 

RONALD W OWEN                                                                                                                                                                         PASSED AWAY 6/2003  

JAMES (JESSE)  OWENS               GOLD                                           SKC(SS) COMM CREW                1965-68              PASSED ON  11/21/2010

HERB "BUBBA" OSBURN             BLUE                                            MM2(SS) NUC  ET                         1986-88                 PASSED AWAY 2/14/15             

GERALD E. PALMER                      BLUE                                            MM2 SS                                          70'S                          PASSED AWAY 8/31/14

RAY  C  PARKS                            BLUE                                            RADIOMAN                                   69-70'S                    PASSED AWAY 6/22/17                    

DOUG  PARTON                              GOLD                                           ET1                                                  1975-78

KEMP PENDARVIS*                       BLUE                                            MISSILE TECH                            MID 80'S              PASSED AWAY 1/12/2020

DENTON PEOPLES                      GOLD  (COMMISIONING)     LT  RC DIV OFF.                          1965-67                  PASSED AWAY 5/24/16                                   

LEE PHILLIPS                                   BLUE                                            RADIOMAN                                   1979-81                     PASSED AWAY IN 2004

TOM (SNAKE) PHYTHIAN             GOLD                                           NUC MM                                        1967-70                    P.A JAN. 2011

JOHN PODREBARAC                  BLUE                                             MM1/SS COMM CREW             1964-67                   PASSED AWAY MARCH 2015

RUSTY PRICE                                 GOLD                                              MT1                                                 1974-77                 PASSED AWAY 12/20/2018

JOHN (JJ) QUINN                             GOLD                                           C ORPSMAN                                 1975-76

RON  RAPHEAL                                GOLD                                                                                                   1968-69

BARTON RICE III                             BLUE                                            RM2/SS                                           1988-92                     PASSED AWAY SEPT 2011

BRUCE  RICE                                    BLUE                                            MEDICAL OFFICER                                                        COMM. CREW

JAMES P RILEY                                BLUE                                            TM1/SS                                            1967-72                    PASS DATE UNKNOWN  

KEN    RIGBY                                    BLUE                                            MM1(SS)                                        1977-80

ROBERT B ROBERTSON                 BLUE                                          TMC(SS)                                         1971-72                    PASSED AWAY IN 1972

JOSEPH ROBINSON                        BLUE                                            MM1                                                EARLY 80'S              PASSED AWAY 10/7/97 

RON  RYLAND                                  BLUE                                            ICC(SS)                                            COMM. CREW       PASSED AWAY 9/24/2015                                 

BOB  SADLER                                   BLUE                                           COOK   COMM CREW                 1965-?                        PA MAY 2009 

GARY H SATTERLEE                                                                             TMC(SS)                                         10/89-1/91                PA APRIL 2012 

RICHARD  L  SCHAUT SR         GOLD                                            MM1 (SS)  ELT                              1964-70                     P.A. 12/27/2015                                    

RODNEY  SEARS                             GOLD                                           MMC                                                                                   COMM. CREW

FRANK  SHAUGNESSY                  BLUE                                            NAVIGATOR                                 1965-?                       COMM.CREW

MELTON SHEPPO                            GOLD                                          ETC(SS) COB                                 1969-72                        P.A. ON 1/9/2011                                        

LARRY SICARD                                GOLD                                          YOEMAN                                                                            PASSED AWAY APRIL 2012

PAUL  SIMONDS                              GOLD                                          QM1                                                                                     COMM.CREW

ROYAL "BUD" SPOONER              GOLD                                          MMCS                                             1983-85

JOHN SHELDON                               BLUE & GOLD                         STS1                                                 1977-81                  PASSED AWAY APRIL 20, 2019

ROBERT G SHELTON                     GOLD                                           ET                                                                                        PASSED AWAY 10/30/2017

ROBERT SMEARDEN                       GOLD                                          FTB2                                                LATE 60'S               PASSED AWAY 6/3/2014

CLARENCE E  STANSELL             BLUE                                           RMC (SS)                                          80-83                        PASSED AWAY 2/19/2019

RICHARD R. STARK*                    GOLD & BLUE                          COMMANDING OFFICER            86-89                        PASSED AWAY  12/5/2019     

BRUCE  STEEVES                             BLUE                                           QUARTERMASTER

STAN   SUCH                                    GOLD/BLUE                                MACHINIST MATE                       1968-72

ROB SUTTON                                   BLUE                                            RADIOMAN                                    MID 70'S                  PASSED AWAY SEPT. 2013

DON SWEAT                                    BLUE  COMM CREW                  TMC (SS)                                        1965-?                      P.A. EARLY 90'S

BOB TAVARES                                 BLUE   COMM CREW                STSCS(SS)                                     1965-68                      P.A. NOV 2009

WILLY TEER                                    GOLD                                          MACHINIST MATE                        EARLY 70'S           PASSED EARLY 1975


THOMAS  TERRY                             GOLD                                          MM1                                                COMM. CREW          PASSED AWAY FEB 1998

FRED  THARIN                                 BLUE                                            MACHINIST MATE                                                         COMM. CREW

SCOTT   THORELL                           GOLD                                          ASST. WEAPONS OFFICER                                           COMM. CREW

LARRY  THOMAS                            BLUE                                            MTC(SS)                                         1976-80                       PASSED AWAY JULY 2011

LARRY TIETZE                                 BLUE                                            SK4                                                   1968-69                       PASSED AWAY OCTOBER 2016            

WILLIAM  TIER                                GOLD                                           MACHINIST MATE                       1972-75

RICKY TIBBS                                                                                                                                                                                          PASSED ON 7/17/12

ROBERT TOMPKINS                       B LUE-COMM                            NUKE ENGINEMAN                     1965-?                         PA  APRIL 2011

JOHN TRUMAN                                BLUE-COMM                              MISSILE TECH                                                                    PA  3/23/2018

DAVID K TUCKER                           BLUE                                             MT2                                                  1979-83                      PASSED 2/21/97                        

CHARLES (CHESTER) VICKERS    GOLD                                          CHIEF AUXILIARYMAN              1969-73

PAUL A. VIERING                              BLUE                                           ETC SS                                             1982-85                     PASSED ON JULY 17, 2018

CHARLIE VINCENT                        BLUE                                           NUKE    E9                                        71-75                         PASSED AWAY 11-15-18

RON WALKER                                 GOLD                                         M DIVISION                                    1975-78                        PASSED ON 3/24/13

DON WASHBURN                          GOLD                                          TM1                                                   1968-71                        PASSED ON  9/19/2018                          

EDDIE  WATSON                             BLUE                                            FOOD SERVICE                            1968-70

FRANK WEBB                                 GOLD                                            EM1(SS), E DIV                              1967-69                        PASSED APRIL 2006 

JOE WILLIAMS JR    . Vice Admiral  BLUE                                    C. O. (PreComm & Blue)             1964-67                     PASSED MAY 15, 2015                      

RON  E  WILLIAMS                                                                               SKCS                                              1983-86

ROY  WILKES                                  GOLD                                         MM2(SS)  A GANG                      1968-73                          PASSED AWAY 12/24/16

BERNARD WIRTH (BERNIE)        GOLD                                          YN1(SS)                                          1967-69                        PASSED AWAY 8/10/2015 

THOMAS W WITMAN                   BLUE                                           SONARMAN                                  1981-85                         PASSED AWAY 9 NOV 2016 

THOMAS L WHITT                         GOLD                                          EM1 (SS)                                         1981-84                         PASSED ON JULY 3 2016   

DAVID O WOHLEBER                     GOLD COMM CREW                 STS2(SS)                                        1965-67                       PA July 2004

DON  WOMACKS                            BLUE

JAMES  L  WOODS                          GOLD                                           ENGINEMAN                                 1968-69                        NUKE  EM

FRANK WYANT                              BLUE                                            NUC, M-DIVISION                       EARLY  70'S                P.A. 9/10/12




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